Amit Shah news: Nitish, Nitish, Nitish…challenged, even teased… Shah said at the Purnia rally that he will be held to account.

Purnia: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who arrived at Mission Seemanchal in Bihar, lashed out at former NDA ally Nitish Kumar. He also said that the people of Bihar will teach Nitish Kumar a lesson by accusing him of cheating in the rally. Shah did not stop there and asked whether Nitish would switch parties and become the prime minister. Shah said that there is fear in the present government of the state, but since Narendra Modi’s government is here, no one should be afraid. Shah also said that Nitish has no ideology. The grand alliance will lose in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in the state. Shah claimed that the BJP will form the government with an absolute majority in the 2025 assembly elections as well. Shah clearly indicated from his speech that he has prepared a complete strategy to corner his erstwhile ally in Bihar.

BJP cheated to become PM
Shah alleged that Nitish had cheated the BJP in his desire to become the prime minister. He said that due to my visit Nitish and Lalu Yadav have stomach ache. Shah also warned Lalu from Nitish. “Beware, Nitish Babu will leave you tomorrow and sit in the lap of Congress,” said the Union Minister. Describing this rally as a warning to the Lalu-Nitish government, Shah said that now a wave will rise against selfish politics in Bihar. People will teach a lesson to those who betrayed BJP and sat in Lalu Yadav’s lap.
Amit Shah Purnia rally: ‘Can he become PM?’ Amit Shah made fun of Nitish in Seemanchal
Will the alliance change and become the prime minister?

Amit Shah mocked Nitish and said, Will he change his party and become the Prime Minister? He said that when Nitish Babu came into politics, he cheated many people. In 2014, Nitish Kumar’s party got only two Lok Sabha seats, he said. Not at home or at the ghat. People will wipe out Lalu-Nitish pair in 2024 elections. People of Bihar have given you the benefit of doubt for a long time,” Shah said. But this time you know neither your party nor Lalu Yadav’s party is going to come. Only Prime Minister Modi’s lotus blooms in Bihar.
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People of India know

Nitish Babu, Shah said people of India are aware now. A prime minister cannot be made prime minister by crooked politics of power with selfishness from association. The people of the country make him the Prime Minister by offering his ideology and ensuring the security of the country. He said that he has come out of the politics of selfishness and adopted the politics of development.

Do you approve of the Nitish-Lalu partnership?

In a series of attacks on Nitish Kumar, Shah said that the BJP should form a government led by Narendra Modi to end the jungle raj in Bihar. Bihar government election will come in 2025 but the trailer will come in 2024. Lok Sabha elections are coming. You have to decide whether Modi will be the Prime Minister of the country or Rahul Baba.

Shah also said that Nitish will be held accountable
It is clear from Shah’s speech at Purnia’s rally that the BJP has made huge preparations in the state. Shah’s position is that the saffron party is planning to hold Nitish accountable. Shah targeted Nitish Kumar the most during the rally. Accused of cheating by using socialist politics. Mentioned cheating with Jorge Fernandez. Even Nitish called Lalu Yadav cheating. BJP’s attitude and stand in this rally says that the time ahead in the state will be very interesting.

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