Amit Shah in Bihar: How will Amit Shah tap into the Seemanchal cycle? Find out who is dominant in Grand Alliance and NDA here

Patna: The path to government formation at the Center is through UP-Bihar, but this path also has other elements. These equations make selection interesting and integrate the mathematics of seats. Amit Shah is attending a rally for the first time after forming the grand coalition government in Bihar. Common people must wonder why Amit Shah left capital Patna and chose Seemanchal. What is the point of Amit Shah’s foot stomping where Muslim voters are in majority? After all, how does Amit Shah break the cycle in my equation of grand alliance? I will tell you one by one.

How will Amit Shah break the Seemanchal cycle?
Seemanchal is not the only place BJP chose for Amit Shah’s visit. Understand that the roar here can be heard as far as the neighboring state of Bengal. During the Lok Sabha elections, Bihar plays a major role as a neighboring state though not a part of it. Understand that the border of Seemanchal and Bihar is close by. If any equation is created in Seemanchal in Bihar, it will affect Bengal as well. This is his mission Amit Shah is coming to Seemanchal to reach the Echo of 2024 Bengal.

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Find out who is dominant in Grand Alliance and NDA here
Now coming to the latest equation. If we look at the Lok Sabha seats, the NDA won 39 seats in Bihar in the 2019 elections. Of these, 6 seats were won by Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP, 17 seats by BJP and 16 seats by Nitish Kumar’s JD(U). One seat came on account of Congress. Now with the changes in the equations, NDA has 23 seats and Grand Alliance has 17 seats.
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Now, if we turn to Seamanchal, the equations for 2019 are like this. Purnia division has four Lok Sabha seats namely Purnia, Araria, Kishanganj and Katihar. NDA got 3 out of 4 seats. Araria came under BJP while Purnia and Katihar came under JDU. On the other hand, the Grand Alliance (Congress) won the fourth seat in Kishanganj. Now that Nitish has changed sides, this equation has changed. The NDA has only one seat in Seemanchal while the Grand Alliance has three seats. Understand that Amit Shah is putting the board not only for Mission 2024 but also for 2025 assembly elections.
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of Seemanchel The four gates of the chakra system
Chakravyuham at Seemanchal has four gates namely Purnia-Kishganj-Katihar and Araria. Amit Shah and Bihar BJP leaders know very well that polarization of votes is crucial to break these gates. If these gates are to be opened, it is not enough to make equations based on the caste of the voters. Here the issue should be from local to global, that is, such an equation where votes are divided into only two poles instead of multiple poles of caste.

Owaisi also has a role
Owaisi will work on this project even if he doesn’t want to. RJD has lost four of its MLAs but Owaizi will benefit from this as public vote goes to his party and not to RJD. In such a situation, if the voting pattern remains the same, Owaisi will cut the vote of the grand alliance, NDA. Well, this is the whole plan, but how successful it will be will only be known from the 2024 voting pattern.

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