Amarinder Singh: ‘Captain’ can hold the saffron flag and prepare a ‘pitch’ in Punjab… Amarinder or BJP who will benefit?

Chandigarh: Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh joined the BJP on Monday. He merged his party Punjab Lok Congress with BJP. Earlier, he also met the party’s national president JP Nadda. Amarinder said that we have taken this decision after much thought to merge with BJP if we want to make the future of Punjab better. Meanwhile, the captain’s son Ran Inder Singh, daughter Jai Inder Kaur and grandson Nirwan Singh joined the BJP. The 2021 Punjab assembly election was the first such election in which the BJP contested separately from the Akali Dal. BJP found a face to stand here and Amarinder Singh joined the alliance. The alliance of Amarinder’s newly formed party, the Punjab Lok Congress, failed to produce any surprises, and all speculations failed, with the Aam Aadmi Party sweeping. However, BJP is not paying much attention to Punjab as it knows that it will take time to make ground here.

BJP is busy expanding its caste in Punjab. During the assembly elections, leaders, MLAs and former MLAs from other parties joined the BJP. BJP, Amarinder Singh’s party and SSD (United) fought together. In fact, the BJP has never before had time to strengthen its organizational structure in Punjab. Now it is said that the focus of BJP is on strengthening the organization in Punjab.

BJP and Akali Dal split after 23 years
Akali Dal and BJP have been in alliance for the last 23 years and BJP has remained Akali Dal’s junior partner in Punjab. Out of 117 seats in the Punjab Assembly, the BJP contested 23 seats in the last election and won three. BJP’s vote share was 5.4% then.

Now BJP is trying to find land
In the 2012 Punjab assembly elections, the BJP won only 12 seats. The Akali Dal broke its alliance with the BJP over the Agrarian Act. There was a lot of tension in the relationship between the two. After the split from Akali Dal, BJP did not get time to work in Punjab. Around 200 BJP workers in Punjab staged a continuous sit-in outside their homes as farmers protested across the border against the agricultural laws. Alam is in a situation where BJP workers are not even able to leave the house. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of the Agrarian Act, the BJP started searching for its land in Punjab.

The organization was formed in 380 circles
Out of 384 divisions in Punjab, 380 have organizational structure. But after breaking away from the Akali Dal, the BJP contested the elections for the first time. The big leaders did not exert much power in the victory of Punjab because they knew. BJP is looking for a strong Sikh face here. With Amarinder Singh joining BJP in such a situation, it is believed that BJP got a strong Sikh face.

A win for Amarinder and BJP
After joining BJP, it is considered to be a gain for both BJP and Amarinder Singh. The BJP is also busy preparing its pitch in Punjab after breaking away from the Congress after Amarinder failed to impress in the assembly elections. If Amarinder hopes to expand in Punjab under the banner of a big party like BJP, then BJP can also go ahead with Amarinder’s face.

Amarinder’s entry into the line in 1984!
After Operation Blue Star, the Congress was said to be in a state of disarray in Punjab. It was Captain Amarinder Singh who worked to rebuild the Congress in Punjab after 1984. Presently Congress has no fight in Punjab. The BJP believes that the next elections in Punjab will be between the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP, as the organization will be strengthened by the time it gets the BJP before that and will go into the next assembly elections with strength.

Amarinder was brought into politics by Rajiv Gandhi
Captain Amarinder Singh hails from the royal family of Patiala. After graduating from the National Defense Academy, Captain Amarinder Singh joined the Indian Army in 1963 but left the Indian Army in early 1965. He joined the Sikh Regiment during the war with Pakistan. Rajiv Gandhi was the former Prime Minister who brought Captain Amarinder Singh into politics.

Similarly, in 1998, Amarinder merged his party with the Congress.
Captain Amarinder Singh entered Parliament for the first time in 1980 Lok Sabha elections. Shiromani joined the Akali Dal in 1984 after resigning from the Congress party in protest against Operation Blue Star, winning the Legislative Assembly from Talwandi Sabu. In 1992, he split from the Shiromani Akali Dal and formed a party called the Shiromani Akali Dal (Panthik), which merged with the Congress in 1998.

Captain Amarinder Singh served as the Chief Minister of Punjab from 2002 to 2007. On 27 November 2015, Captain Amarinder Singh became the President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee. Under his presidency, the Congress won the Punjab Assembly elections on 11 March 2017 and Captain Amarinder Singh was sworn in as the 26th Chief Minister of Punjab on 16 March 2017.

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