Adil Khan Durrani: It will take some time… Adil Khan Durrani on marriage with Rakhi Sawant – together, happy

Rakhi Sawant is in the limelight these days. Marathi made a wildcard entry in Bigg Boss 4 and gave shocking news to the people soon after getting out. He first told about his mother’s illness and asked the people to pray. After this, he revealed about his and Adil’s marriage and after that the circumstances and feelings all changed. However, the actress revealed through her words that Adil Khan is not adopting her and hence she is telling everyone about this after 7 months of marriage. Not only this, Rakhi also said that Adil forced her to keep the marriage a secret. Now Adil’s reaction is against all this. He broke the silence.

Actually, Rakhi Sawant is dating Adil Khan Durrani in April-May 2022. Both have made several public appearances. His music videos have come out. He has also given several interviews together. But they got married in July 2022 and no one knew about it. When Rakhi Sawant said it, the ground fell under everyone’s feet. People were amazed at what had happened. Meanwhile, the actor shared the marriage certificate and pictures and videos of the wedding. Not only this, she was giving an interview to the media saying that she was unhappy after marriage. Something is not right.

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Adil’s statement on his marriage with Rakhi Sawant

She points out that Adil is not being adopted without naming him. Many media houses and paparazzi wanted to know Adil’s answer to all this, but he asked for an extension of 10 days. Now when ETimes asked him, he confirmed this and said- Yes, Rakhi and I are married. We both live together and are happy. Our associate website called Rakhi and Adil spoke to her very comfortably. It seemed from his words that he did not want to make the marriage public yet because his family was not ready yet.

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Adil Khan said it will take time

Rakhi Sawant said because she felt that enough is enough, now she has to tell everyone. Asked if the family is okay with Rakhi’s relationship, Adil said the family knows they are together but the work of convincing them is still in progress. He said, ‘That process is still ongoing. It will take some time.’

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