Abdu Rozik’s house: Video of Abdu Rozik’s Dubai house goes viral

Everyone’s favorite Bigg Boss 16 Abdu Rogic’s house was recently featured in Bigg Boss. The eyes of those who saw Chhote Bhaijaan’s house in the show were filled with tears. Yes, recently Bigg Boss viewers got a chance to see the luxurious house, car and life of Abdu Rojik, a resident of Tajikistan. Even Sajid Khan got teary eyed seeing his house, he said that he doesn’t have such a house either. Come on, let us show you the chapa chapa of Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rogic’s house.

Abdu Rogic’s House in Bigg Boss

Recently in Bigg Boss 16, all the contestants’ family members were present. Some’s mother and some’s relative entered the show and boosted the morale of their contestants. But Abdu Rogic’s family was away from the country so he could not come to India. In such a situation, Bigg Boss showed the conversation between parents and brother through video call.

Abdu Rosick, the people’s favorite


Abdu Rozik’s father was the first to talk to his son. He was told that the people of India love their loved ones very much. Played like this and moved forward. Then Bigg Boss called Abdu Rogic and Sajid Khan to the confession room. Here, Abdu Rojik spoke to his brother on a video call. In the meantime, brother Abdu’s entire house, room and car were introduced to him.

Abdu Rogic’s Lavish Home
In this video you can see that Abdu Rogic’s house in Dubai is very big. He lives in this big house. Everything is big, be it his car or his room. Seeing the luxurious style of the house, Sajid Khan’s eyes also got teary.

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