Zion Solar car will be charged by sunlight, production to start soon!

Zion Solar Car will soon be seen on the roads

At this time there is a race among automobile companies to bring powerful electric vehicles. At the same time, a German company Sono Motors has made a solar powered Zion car.

The company introduced the prototype of this car in 2018. It is reported that now the company is about to start its production. It has about 456 solar panels. These panels will keep charging automatically while driving the car.

Come, let’s know about it.

Solar cells are installed on the body of the car

For information, let us tell you that solar cells have been installed in the roof, bonnet and body panels of the Zion car. They have been installed in such a way that they look like the body of the car.

Due to sunlight falling on the car, its battery starts charging.
The company has also arranged a charging station for this car, so that car owners do not have to face trouble in charging the car in bad weather.

The company has received 19,000 bookings for the car.
The entire body of the Zion Solar car is powered by solar cells (Photo: Mono Motors)
The Zion Solar car will get a 6-seater cabin
According to the information, so far the company has received 19,000 bookings for this solar car.

This solar car will be capable of traveling 300 km on a single full charge. It will get an upmarket 6-seater cabin with latest features.

Sono Motors has made this green car in about eight years and the company aims to sell 2.5 lakh units of it worldwide in the next seven years.

What will be its cost?

Information about the price and availability of this solar car in the global market will be given at the time of its launch. According to the company, it can be launched on the roads by the end of next year. At the same time, its price will be around 15 lakh to 20 lakh rupees.

At this price, it will also be economical than many electric vehicles available in the market. It will compete with Tesla and Volkswagen vehicles.

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Let us tell you that the company had prepared a prototype of this car by raising money from the people. This car will be brought in two trims Urban and Extender. This project was started in 2014 in a garage.

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