YouTube is coming soon with a new feature, this is how it works

YouTube New Feature: YouTube is preparing to bring a new feature on its platform soon. After the introduction of this feature, the app using experience of the users is going to change completely. After the introduction of this feature, users will also be able to watch videos on YouTube by zooming. With the help of this feature, you will be able to watch any video on YouTube by zooming. According to the reports, to use this feature, the user will have to pinch the screen in the same way as they do to zoom a photo. Let us tell you that you can use this feature in both portrait and landscape modes.

When will it be available for users

According to the reports, the company will test this feature till September 1. After seeing the reaction of the users, the company will start rolling out this feature soon. At present, it may take another 1-2 months for this feature to arrive.

How to Enable Pinch-to-Zoom Feature on YouTube

To use this feature on YouTube, first open the Settings menu of YouTube. You will be able to enjoy these features on YouTube only as long as you are a premium member of YouTube. You can find this feature under Try New Features section. Here you will also see the option of zoom function.

It is going to take some time for this feature to be released at the moment. But, once this feature comes, with its help you will be able to zoom the video up to 8X.

You all must be aware that there are many such accessibility features on Android and iOS, with the help of which you can zoom videos on YouTube. This feature can also be used very easily on the computer.

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