XUV700, Thar and Scorpio high in demand, multiple pending orders

Mahindra has launched numerous new products in recent years, all of which have been highly successful. Starting with the new Thar in 2020, followed by the XUV700 in 2021 and the Scorpio N in 2022.

Thanks to this new vehicle, Mahindra reported the highest ever SUV sales in August 2022, growing 87% year-over-year. Total sales in August 2022 were 29,615 units, an increase of 87.6% from 15,786 units in August 2021. Month-over-month sales also increased 6% from 27,862 units in July 2022. It held 6.1% in August 2021 with respect to 2.9% growth.

Mahindra Sales in Aug 2022

Topped the charts last month was the Mahindra Bolero. August 2022 sales were 8,246 units, an increase of 156% from 3,218 units sold in August 2021. It was also a 4% month-over-month sales growth compared to 7,917 units sold in July 2022. Coming soon.

It was followed by Scorpio with 7,056 units sold in August 2022, up 171% from 2,606 units sold in August 2021, while MoM sales increased 86% from 3,803 units sold in July 2022. The Scorpio N and Scorpio Classic were recently added. Added to the company lineup, each sporting a new Twin Peaks logo.

Mahindra XUV700 sales were 6,010 units last month, down 6% month-over-month compared to 6,277 units sold in July 2022. The XUV700 requires a long waiting period, up to 21 months in some variants.

In fourth place was the Mahindra XUV300, which posted YoY and MoM sales declines. Sales in August 2022 decreased 26% year-on-year to 4,322 units, down from 5,861 units in August 2021, and month-to-month sales were down 27% from 5,937 units in July 2022. testing. Some feature updates will appear and may include a more powerful engine associated with higher pricing compared to their current counterparts.

Mahindra Thar, e-Verito, Marazzo, Alturas

Next, Mahindra Thar sold 3,793 units from 3,493 units in August 2021, up 9% year-over-year, and month-over-month sales increased 5% from 3,616 units in July 2022. A tar 5 door was also found in the test. Construction is expected to begin in 2023.

e-Verito sales increased to 99 units in August 2022, up from 8 units in July 2022 to 1,138 units. Mahindra also noted a year-over-year and month-over-month decline for Marazzo, with 45 units in August 2022, down 75%. Of the 181 units sold in August 2021, MoM sales were down 79% from the 213 units sold in July 2022. Mahindra Alturas sales were 44 units last month, up 5% from 42 units sold in August 2021, while MoM sales were down 52%. 91 units sold in July 2022. Discontinued KUV100, XUV500

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