Xiaomi Electric Car will be launched in India soon, the company will invest Rs 7 billion

Xiaomi Electric Car: For the past few months, we have been hearing about Xiaomi’s electric car. Many types of news related to this electric car coming from Xiaomi is coming out for the past several months. Let us tell you that Xiaomi is going to present its first electric car in front of everyone in the month of August. Before launching this car, the company is preparing to present its prototype to the public. For this, the company is also going to organize a program in the month of August.

Will get a chance for test drive soon

At present, there is some time left for the launch of this car. The test drive of this car will be allowed considering the performance of the prototype and various conditions. If you want, you will be able to enjoy the test drive of this electric car from the winter months. This car has been designed by HSTV Automobiles. Xiaomi is about to establish its electric car segment as an automatic brand. A PR director has also been appointed to make this car popular among the public and in the month of August the company will start work on its marketing.

Xiaomi is preparing ahead

Xiaomi will unveil its prototype of this electric car in the month of August. But, even after that, the company has many other big plans regarding its electric vehicles. The company had talked about launching this car only last year and since then it has been working continuously on it. Xiaomi had also talked about investing Rs 7 billion to further its range of electric cars.

Manufacturing plant set up in Yizhuang, China

Xiaomi has set up its manufacturing plant in Yizhuang, China to manufacture its electric cars. The company has also paid a lot of attention to its research and development team. Let us tell you that if this manufacturing plant of Xiaomi comes and works with full capacity, then it can manufacture about 3,00,000 cars in a year.

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