Why no Pockets for Girls Clothing ? Know the reason behind this

In today’s world, if someone considers girls less than boys, then it will be their biggest mistake. Because today girls are not working with boys in any field. Girls have now started living like boys, now jeans, t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers etc. have also been included in their clothes. Even though the clothes of girls look similar to the clothes of boys, but there are many differences in them like there is a difference in the design of women’s and men’s shirts, but there is another difference in this, have you ever noticed that If there is no pocket in their clothes, then today we tell you the reason behind it.

no pocket in women clothes

All men’s shirts have pockets, but girls’ shirts do not have pockets. Although there is no scientific reason behind the absence of pockets in girls’ shirts, but it is estimated that the reason behind this is the same unchanging thinking about girls. This is a matter related to our tradition and mentality.

The mentality behind this was that if women’s clothes have pockets, then they will definitely keep something in their pockets. Due to this the texture of their body will deteriorate and the bulge will appear in the body, which will reduce the beauty of their body. This is the reason why pockets were not made in girls’ shirts.

Now after knowing the reason, you will feel how small it was. But this small thing weighs heavily on the mentality of big people. However, there is not much difference in the clothes of the girls and boys of the twenty-first century because both look almost the same.

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