WhatsApp Tricks: Low data on mobile? Do not take tension, in this way turn off the internet on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: We all use WhatsApp. It helps us to stay connected with the people close to us and at the same time has become a very important part of our life. No matter how fun it may be to use WhatsApp, there has always been a problem with it. It drains your mobile data very fast. Whether you use this application or not, it always consumes data due to background processing. Due to this problem of WhatsApp, our mobile data is wasted many times unnecessarily. Today we will tell you some such tricks, with the help of which you will be able to turn off the Internet on your smartphone only for WhatsApp.

What do the reports say

Recently a report came out in which it was found that whether you are using an app on your mobile or not, that app always keeps using mobile data in the background. Apps do this so that you get all the updates and messages on time. It was also told in this report that if you want, you can also set an alert with the help of which the data being used in the background can be tracked. This service is not available on all apps. But, this feature is also available on many selected apps. If you want, you can also stop these apps from using the internet in the background. So let’s know how you can turn off the internet connection of WhatsApp.

How to Disable Internet on WhatsApp

  • STEP 1: Go to the Settings tab.

  • STEP 2: Click on Connection/Connection Sharing.

  • STEP 3: After that you will see the option of Data Usage.

  • STEP 4: After that you have to open the list of apps which are using mobile data in background.

  • STEP 5: Select WhatsApp option from the list and proceed.

  • STEP 6: Now you will see many options. From them, select the option to turn off background data.

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