Volkswagen working on an all-new electric SUV based on ID 3

Volkswagen has started working on an all-new electric SUV based on the popular ID 3 hatchback sold abroad. According to the automaker, this new SUV aims to take advantage of the still-growing small SUV market globally.

VW ID 3-based EV SUV: design and platform

CEO Thomas Schafer confirmed to sister publication Autocar UK that VW is “working hard to develop additional compact SUVs based on the ID 3 to help bring Volkswagen products to market in this fast-growing vehicle segment”. This new SUV will look dramatically different from the ID 3 when launched before 2026 rather than a Russian doll approach to style.

The Volkswagen ID 4 is currently the German brand’s smallest electric SUV, sharing the MEB platform with the ID 3, but with a footprint much larger than a hatchback.

Two more entry-level VW EVs planned

Volkswagen will also be showcasing two versions of the highly anticipated entry-level EV, which Schafer describes as “a compact car and a sporty crossover variant”. Similar to the current-generation Volkswagen Polo and the Volkswagen T-Cross SUV sold abroad, but electric but similar to the combustion engine likely to be called the VW ID 1.

These are one of ten new EVs to be launched by 2026, including a facelift for the current model, which Schafer claims will make VW the broadest electric portfolio in the automotive industry. With these two new EVs and the upcoming ID 7 Aero EV sedan, the German brand plans to have its products in almost every segment of the world.

Meanwhile, the MEB platform will be discontinued in the second half of the decade and will be replaced by a new architecture called the Extensible System Platform (SSP), which is the basis for all high-volume Volkswagen Group models.

VW EV plans for India

Volkswagen has started testing the ID 4 EV SUV in the Indian market and is expected to announce the same price during next year.

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