VIRAL: There was less petrol in the bike, so the traffic policeman cut the challan? Is there such a rule?

Man Challaned For Driving Without Sufficient FuelPeople who travel by car, they keep all the necessary things including helmet, driving license, pollution card, vehicle documents to avoid traffic challan. Despite all this, the challan of a person was deducted for this reason, because there was less petrol in his car. A man in Kerala was recently handed over a challan by the traffic police stating that he was driving his motorcycle without sufficient fuel.

Do not drive ‘without enough fuel’

This person named Basil Syam has posted the picture of the e-challan sent by the Kerala Traffic Police on his Facebook account and it has also become viral on seeing it. This challan receipt is very much discussed on the Internet (Viral E-challan). Actually this case is from Kerala, where a person was challaned because he was driving a motorcycle ‘without sufficient fuel’. This means that this guy came out on the road with a bike with less fuel. People are not digesting this thing that how one can be challaned for less fuel.

Police did mistake by mistake?

According to media reports, Basil Siam of Kerala was going to the office by bike. Due to being late, he took his bike on one way to save time and started walking in the wrong direction. Seeing them doing this, the traffic police stopped them and challaned Rs 250 for violating the traffic rules. After reaching the office, Siam noticed that he has not been challaned for riding a bike on one-way, but for driving a vehicle with less petrol. What was then, he shared the picture of the challan on Facebook and the matter became viral.

This rule is for commercial vehicles

Biker Basil Siam later clarified in his clarification that he was challaned for riding a bike in the wrong direction on a one-way road. On this matter, the police mistakenly mentioned ‘low fuel’ in the challan receipt. Actually, according to the Kerala Transport Law, this type of challan is for commercial vehicles, which ply on the road with less fuel than the prescribed limit. Not only this, there is also a rule that whenever a passenger vehicle is accompanied by a passenger, he cannot get petrol-diesel or CNG filled. This is illegal. In such a situation, if the passenger is going in a taxi and the driver stops the vehicle saying that petrol-diesel or CNG is to be filled, then the passenger can report him for doing so.

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