VIRAL: IPS comment on delivery boy getting wet at traffic signal in rain will win your heart, see VIDEO

Swiggy Delivery Boy In RainAll online food portals claim to deliver food at your doorstep within minutes. Behind this claim lies the hard work, sacrifice and loyalty of the delivery boys. Due to these, food reaches us within minutes of ordering online even in scorching heat, shivering cold or heavy rain. You must be thinking what is the big deal in this? After all, that’s what you pay for! But have you ever thought about those delivery boys who fulfill your every wish while battling every season? Many times these delivery boys put their lives at stake in the race to deliver food in the shortest possible time. Then somewhere they get 5 star rating from customers. A similar video of a delivery boy is going viral on social media, which will make you emotional considering how many hardships these delivery boys go through to earn money. An IPS officer has said a very good thing by sharing this video.

delivery boy wet in the rain

In this viral clip, it can be seen that a delivery boy of Swiggy is standing at the traffic signal in heavy rain. He is waiting for the signal to turn green. He doesn’t have a raincoat, so he is getting wet in the rain. People have become emotional seeing his helplessness, because usually most of the bike riders stop under a tree, bridge etc. to avoid the rain.

Millions of stars are too few

This video has been shared on Twitter by IPS officer @ipskabra. Along with the video he has written – Unfortunately, only 5 stars can be given in @Swiggy. Crores are even less for such a conscientious and hardworking employee. So far this video has got more than 7 lakh 17 thousand views and more than 48 thousand likes. Along with this, many other users are reacting to this in their own way. At the same time, the helmet is seen hanging on the bike of the delivery boy, which he is not wearing. Like other users, a former IPS @ipsvijrk has also commented on this. He has commented – It would have been even better if you had put on a helmet. Please reduce one star.

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