Users started getting alerts as soon as they wore Apple Watch, there was a deadly tumor in the body

Apple Smartwatch Detects Deadly Tumor: Apple’s smartwatches are very popular among the people. Not because it is a premium brand but because even though these smartwatches are expensive, they also have the potential to save lives. Actually, Apple’s smartwatches are fully loaded with features and the company has invested a lot of time and effort in them. In the last several years, many such stories have come out in which it has been seen how Apple’s smartwatch has saved lives. Recently a similar anecdote has come to the fore in which Apple’s Smartwatch has saved the life of a woman.

This is how Apple Smartwatch saved a woman’s life

This story is about Kim Durkee, a 67-year-old woman from CBS Boston. Kim Durkee has a smartwatch from Apple, because of which he is alive today. Actually, Kim Durkee had a tumor problem in her body and because of this her heart was not beating regularly. Usually these things do not come to the fore without getting the test done, but in the case of the woman, the matter was different. His smartwatch warned him several times about his irregular heart beat. Kim Durkee’s smartwatch warned him that he had atrial fibrillation- AFib. In this problem, the heartbeat becomes irregular and later on it can take the form of a big problem.

Check up after seeing the warning

Kim Durkee was sent daily warnings through his smartwatch. When these warnings were sent to her several times, she decided that now she will get her checkup done. Was taken to the emergency room for checkup. Let me tell you, in the emergency room, she had decided that if the warning issued by the smartwatch turned out to be wrong, she would throw her smartwatch. But, when the doctors took his test and did a checkup, they were surprised to see the results. Tests showed that Kim Durkee had a rare type of tumor. This tumor is known as Myxoma.

This is how Kim Durkee’s life was saved

Reports from Kim Durkee revealed this tumor growing inside him. Due to this tumor the flow of blood becomes irregular and at the same time this tumor also grows very fast in the body. If it was not treated in time, then later on they could have a heart attack. Kim Durkee is currently safe. Doctors performed open heart surgery for 5 hours to remove the tumor of 4 cm from his body. Kim Durkee said in one of her statements that – if her smartwatch had not warned her, she would have died today.

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