Users all over the world are upset due to Twitter being down, what was the reason?

Twitter Down: We all use Twitter. It is a micro-blogging platform. Users all over the world use this platform to express their thoughts and ideas. Whenever we have to attract public attention on any topic or connect with a large number of people, we use this platform. Let us tell you that on Tuesday 9 August, Twitter was suddenly down, due to which crores of people around the world had to face trouble. There were thousands of reports related to this problem on the Down Detector website.

Twitter explained the reason for the problem

After Twitter was down, the Twitter Support Account acknowledged this problem and also wrote a post related to it. In this post, he said- At present, some of you will not be taking Twitter load and we are working continuously to overcome this problem of yours. This problem will be resolved as soon as possible. Just half an hour after the problem was fixed, the Twitter Support Team posted another tweet. In this post he wrote – We have fixed this problem. This problem was caused due to the lack of proper changes in the internal system. We’ve rolled back this change and Twitter is now working again. We apologize for the trouble.

Twitter was down last month too

Twitter was suddenly down last month as well and at that time also the users had to face a lot of trouble. Last month Twitter was down for about 1 hour. Let us tell you that earlier users had to face a similar problem on February 17. Due to Twitter being down, people on social media platforms also started sharing memes related to it.

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