Use this feature of Google Maps that you didn’t know existed, it will change your life

To simplify the experience of Google Map users, the company keeps adding new features. One of these is a feature that tells the speed of your vehicle.
This feature is the speedometer, which gives warnings to users when they exceed the speed limit while driving. If you have a speedometer enabled in your navigation system, it can help you avoid accidents and challans.

Let’s find out how to use it.

What is speedometer and how does it work?
A speedometer is a device that measures the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. This instrument displays the meter reading km/h in India. Speedometers are of two types- first mechanical (analog) and second digital.
If the speed of your car is more then the color of the speed indicator given in the app will change. If the speed limit feature is available in your area, then the speedometer found in the app will give you a warning on fast driving.

Google Map’s speedometer feature will help in saving challans

Speedometer feature reads the speed of your vehicle and alerts you when the limit is exceeded. Actually, vehicles have a speed limit based on different highways. If your vehicle crosses that speed limit then your challan can be deducted.

If you want to avoid such unknown challans, then you can use the speedometer feature of Google Maps. For this the feature has to be enabled.
How to Enable Speedometer Feature in Google Maps
First of all, open Google Maps on your smartphone.
After this, click on the profile picture shown on the side and select the setting option.

Once Settings opens, scroll down and click on Navigation Settings.
After going to the navigation settings, select the driving option, which will take you to the speedometer feature.
Now enable the speedometer feature.
To turn off the feature, it has to be disabled.

toll tax

You can also avoid toll
If you do not want to worry about high tolls, then there is also a facility to avoid toll tax on Google Maps. This feature will help you avoid routes that have tolls in between.
There are several routes available on Google Maps to avoid tolls, you can choose the routes which are better for the journey.

How to do it: Open the app – Set the destination – Select the direction – Tap Tap Avoid more tolls.
Do you know?
Do you know, Google Street View feature has started in India. As of now, this feature in India is only available in Bangalore. The feature will soon be available in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nashik, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Amritsar as well.

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