Ultraviolette f77 electric bike is all set to launch on November 24th, know features and design

Bengaluru-based startup Ultraviolette Automotive is set to launch its long-awaited F77 electric bike to the Indian market on November 24th. Pre-booking of the electric bike has already started at Rs 10,000. Deliveries of the e-bikes are scheduled to begin later this year.

Now let’s talk about the design of the F77 first. The bike has a single pod headlight up front, a textile cover over the front fork, and a fairing-style cover for the battery pack.

The bike’s chassis has been redesigned to incorporate a new battery pack that is now fixed and heavier than before, and the new frame is twice as stiff as the old one. The company also said the e-bike gets a refined step-down derailleur for better durability and reduced noise levels. The bike also got a redesigned, redesigned swingarm and the original swingarm was a milled unit. The bike now also gets a preload-adjustable USD fork and mono shock.
Speaking of new battery packs, new battery packs are fixed, larger, and pack more lithium-ion cells. The battery pack now uses 21,700 lithium-ion cells as opposed to the prototype’s 18,650 cells, which translates to a usable capacity of 10.5 kWh, making the F77’s battery size the largest in India for an electric two-wheeler.

Along with battery updates, the e-bike also offers three levels of regenerative braking and riding modes that affect range. Most importantly, the motorcycle now has a claimed range of 307 km, which is the highest among all electric two-wheelers in India. The company will also offer a range of charging options along with its charging infrastructure, details to be announced on November 24th.

We expect the Ultraviolette to price an e-bike from Rs 3.2 lakh (ex-showroom). The company is set to open its first experience center in Bengaluru and will expand to other cities over the next 12 months. The company said it has received more than 70,000 bookings from 190 countries and plans to begin exporting to other markets in the next 24 months.

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