Ultraviolette F77 electric bike has been launched! Know all features and specifications in detail

Bangalore-based EV startup Ultraviolette today launched the eagerly anticipated Ultravoilette F77 electric motorcycle. The Ultraviolette F77 is locally built and engineered to support the Make in India movement. The company also plans to launch e-bikes in the US and European markets in the future.

Without much ado, let’s take a quick look at the latest updates on the launch of the Ultraviolette F77.

  1. The new sporty Ultraviolette features high handlebars and a low seat, providing riders with an exclusive experience and added comfort.
  2. To make the Ultraviolette bike more forward-looking, the company decided to draw inspiration from the aerospace industry, and as a result, you won’t see any screws and nut bolts on the bike.
  3. The new Ultraviolette F77 can reach speeds of up to 150 km with a range of 0-60 kmph in 2.9 seconds and 0-100 kmph in 7.8 seconds.
  4. The new Ultraviolette F77 can travel 300km on a single charge. You can charge your bike with two types of chargers: a standard charger that can charge your bike up to 35 km/h, and a boost charger that can charge your bike up to 75 km/h. You can also carry a boost charger on your bike. “Charging the F77 bike is as easy as charging your phone,” said Narayan Subramaniam.
  5. Everything from pins to flats can be traced in the Ultraviolette F77 application.
  6. The Ultraviolette F77 bike comes in three modes: glide, ballistic and combat.
  7. The Ultraviolette F77 draws its energy from a motor with an output of 30 kW and a torque of 100 Nm. The motor type is a BRB 10, with a capacity of 10.3 kWh, ranges from 307 IDC, and comes with a warranty of up to 8 years. According to the founders, this is the largest battery pack ever designed in India.
  8. The new Ultraviolette F77 is available in three variants: F77 Shadow, F77 Laser and F77 Airstrike.
  9. The Ultraviolette F77 bike has 29 kW of horsepower, 95 Nm of torque, 10.3 kW of battery and a range of 307 km.
  10. F77 Recon is priced at 4.55 Lakhs (ex-showroom price) and F77 Original is 3.8 Lakhs (ex-showroom price). The F77 original has the second largest battery pack after the F77 Recon. The company also revealed ride prices for both variants of the bike: 9,500/month for the F77 Original and 11,000/month for the F77 Recon.
  11. Bike deliveries are scheduled to begin in Bengaluru in January 2023, with other cities planned by the company accordingly. The Ultraviolette F77 will be available for reservation on the Ultraviolette website starting tomorrow at 6pm.
  12. wait! We’re not done yet. The new Ultraviolette F77 limited edition will also be available to one lucky 77, uniquely numbered from 0-77. The Limited Edition has an output of 30.2 kW, a torque of 100 Nm, a range of 307 km and an energy capacity of 10.3 kWh.
  13. About UV
  14. Bengaluru-based Ultraviolette Automotive founder Narayan Subramaniam and automotive industry expert Niraj Rajmohan have been friends for 20 years and recently quit their jobs in 2016 to team up to give birth to the Ultraviolette. Today, the company has over 100 employees working on India’s electric vehicle revolution.

The company’s vision is to compete with American giants backed by customers such as Harley-Davidson. They want to gain a healthy foothold in the global market by competing for high-end electric motorcycles. The company also wants to start fighting 300 and 500cc petrol bikes around the world.

The backgrounds of the founders are jaw-dropping. Niraj Rajmohan has worked for companies in India (Bangalore) and USA. Meanwhile, Narayan Subramaniam developed his automotive talent while working for Japanese and German car giants such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

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