This Royal Enfield model besed on Classic 350 maybe the lightest and smallest in the current lot

Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2022 concluded on Sunday as thousands of RE enthusiasts returned home from the event in Goa.

At the event, the new Super Meteor 650 was unveiled in India alongside a special Royal Enfield model exclusive to attendees of this year’s three-day RE festival in Goa.

This rather special Royal Enfield may be the lightest and smallest in the current lot, bearing its iconic name despite being based on the Classic 350. Another caveat for prospective buyers is the fact that you won’t be able to ride this model practically anywhere.

We’re talking about the Royal Enfield Classic Collectible, of course. Based on the Classic 350, this 1:3 hand-made scale model was offered to potential customers for just Rs 67,990, making it the cheapest RE model for quite some time.

Although you can’t ride it, the Classic Collectible would make a nice addition to any hardcore Royal Enfield enthusiast’s mantel or tabletop. With 8 colors to choose from, making the Classic Collectble your own isn’t too difficult.

Royal Enfield calls the Classic Collectible a masterpiece of art, handcrafted from over 250 individual parts. Each of these individual parts is made to mimic the Classic 350 and its components.

The Classic Collectible has a working suspension setup. The throttle grip also works, along with the brake and clutch levers. All of the Classic Collectible’s bodywork has been reproduced with the same surface treatment as the original motorcycle.

So just how big is this miniaturized dumper? A 1:3 scale model, the Royal Enfield Classic Collectible measures 780mm long, 380mm wide and 261mm high. The scale model of the Classic 350 weighs just 8.5kg, making it the lightest RE we’ve ever seen.

Thoughts on Royal Enfield Classic Collectibles

The Royal Enfield Classic Collectible is for hardcore RE fans looking for a permanent reminder of their favorite thumper. This rather special memento was only available to the madmen of ridership this year, but many RE fans will be looking forward to another scale model of another bike in the future.

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