This new feature started on Google Maps in India, will completely change the end of your Maps usage.

New Delhi : You all know about Google’s navigation app, Google Maps. There will hardly be anyone who has never used google maps. In recent times, Google Maps has added a new feature. This new feature is going to completely change the way you use Google Maps. Let us tell you that this feature has been released in India (Google Maps Update India). Initially this project has been implemented in 10 Indian cities. Let us know how this feature is special for you? How does this work? And how it can improve your experience of running google maps.

Why is it special?

Google has given such a technology in its Maps application called Street View, where you will get to see 360 degree interactive panorama. Right now this service will be visible in only 10 cities of India. Google has partnered with Tech Mahindra and Mumbai based Genesis International Company to implement this technology. This feature has been implemented due to the new National Geospatial Policy, 2021. Because of this, local companies buy such data and licenses from others. India will be the first country where Google will get Street View through a partner.

How will this feature work?

Through this feature, users will be able to locate local cafes, cultural hotspots and shops etc. located in their vicinity. Accessing the Street View feature of Google Maps is quite easy, all you have to do is open the Google Maps app. After this, you have to zoom in on a street in any target city and then tap the area you want to see.

This feature will start in 10 cities

Google says that this service will first start in 10 cities of India. After that this feature will be started in 50 more cities by the end of the year. At present it is available only in Bangalore. After this this feature will be released in Hyderabad and then in Kolkata. Shortly thereafter, Street View will be rolled out to more cities in India including Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Vadodara, Ahmednagar and Amritsar.

Defense and defense sector not mapping

Google has named this project as Gullify. Google’s Vice President also clarified about this policy that government, defense and military areas will not be mapped under this project. They say that our partners know very well which data to collect and which data not to collect. This policy of Google was stopped in the year 2011. Earlier Google was going to implement the policy of Street View but Bangalore Police objected to it. Then Google is working with Wonobo and later MapMyIndia on interactive panorama maps.

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