These 3 Guns have a big change after the Free Fire MAX OB35 Update, dangerous for the enemies

Users playing Free Fire MAX are always waiting for new updates. Garena keeps on introducing new updates time to time to keep its players always attracted towards this game. Garena recently released the latest update for Free Fire Max, which we are calling the OB35 Update.

Through this update, some important adjustments have been made to many weapons of Free Fire Max. After these adjustments, some of the weapons in Free Fire Max have been significantly modified. Let us tell you about some such weapons, which can prove to be the most effective for you after Free Fire MAX OB35 Update.

This is an SMG gun and adjustments have been made to it after the latest update. This gun was already very dangerous and now after the update it has become even more dangerous. This will help players easily defeat enemies with level 2 and 3 armor in one to one battles. The base damage of this gun is 49 hit points and the rate of fire is also 75, which is considered quite good. This weapon can prove to be very dangerous for close-range combat.

This is one of the best assault rifles from Free Fire Max. With this new update, a lot of adjustments have been made to this weapon. The developers have increased the overall hit damage of this gun. The accuracy of this gun is very good, due to which this gun is very good for mid-range and close-range fight. It has a rate of fire and an exquisite range of 61. Because of this, the character will be able to spot enemies easily.

This is one of the best sniper rifles from Free Fire Max. This sniper rifle is widely used in mid-range and long-range battles to kill enemies and win matches. Adjustments have also been made to this sniper through the new update in Free Fire Max. Now it has become more dangerous for the enemies than ever before. This sniper has the capability of 15 bullets in a round.

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