The date of the end of the sun has come! What‍or will it have an effect on Earth‍V,…

The Sun is the most important player in our solar system. All the planets in our solar system, including the Earth, revolve around the Sun. This cycle has been going on for billions of years and the Sun also has an important role in the existence of life on Earth. We have read and heard this question earlier also that one day the sun will disappear. But can it be an exact time? What will happen to our solar system after the Sun dies? What will happen to the earth? These are some of the questions that the European Space Agency (ESA) has tried to answer.

Data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft show that the Sun has reached its Middle Ages. That is, it has completed half the time of its life. So could it end soon? Crossing half the age does not mean that the sun is going to end very soon. Actually the age of the Sun is about 4.57 billion years. This means that the Sun will continue to illuminate the planets in our solar system for several billion years.

Scientists say that this largest star in our solar system will end one day. Then its core would run out of hydrogen. This will be a kind of process, after which the Sun will reduce its temperature and take the form of a giant red star. However it will be a lengthy process. Statistics show that when the Sun becomes 8 billion years old, it will cool down. According to this, the Sun will still shine as the hope of life on our Earth for about 3 billion years.

Although the European Space Agency says that after the end, the Sun may become a dim white star, which will be like the rest of the stars. The end of the Sun will mean that life on Earth will also move towards its destruction. Experts say that after the death of the Sun, life on Earth will become impossible. Trees and plants will die. Those organisms that depend on plants will also die. This will affect the entire chain of organisms and food. Due to the lack of sunlight reaching the earth, the atmosphere will be polluted. There will be a terrible cold and it will be difficult for a person to live.

Although there are still billions of years for this to happen, so you don’t need to panic. Science is making progress. Maybe our scientists will be able to find another planet like Earth, where life is possible.

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