Tata Safari and many other models getting huge discount for the festival season

Automotive giant Tata Motors has announced festival offers for Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali. Tata cars will be cheaper when the festival sale starts. However, car manufacturers have not introduced offers for all car models.

Currently, Tata Motors is only offering discounts on five models: Tata Harrier, Tata Safari, Tata Tiago, Tata Tigor and Tata Nexon. Customers can get the maximum discount. $The Hindustan Times’ sister website, Live Hindustan, reports that there are 40,000 in the car. This includes cash benefits, exchange bonuses and corporate discounts.

Tata Motors is offering a discount on Nexon, the best-selling sports utility vehicle (SUV), for the Lunar New Year holiday. Total offers $20,000 off SUVs. also provide $15,000 Exchange Bonus and Corporate Discount on Diesel Models $Offered by 5,000 companies $3,000 won discount for corporations $3,000 for gasoline models. Nexon surpassed Hyundai Crete in popularity last August.

provided by Tata Motors. $23,000 off the sedan Tigor. there is $10,000 exchange bonus and $3,000 corporate discount on Tigor’s XE and XM variants. On the other hand, the Tigor XZ and XZ+ variants $10,000 cash discount, $10,000 exchange bonus and corporate discount $3,000, Live Hindustan reports added. Tigor’s showroom prices are as follows: $5.99 million $8.58 million won

On the other hand, Tata is the maximum $23,000 on its popular hatchback Tiago. there is $10,000 exchange bonus and $3,000 corporate discount on the XE and XT variants of the hatchback. The XZ variant, on the other hand, is offered at a cash discount. $10,000, exchange bonus $Equivalent to 10,000 and corporate discount $There is no discount for NRG and CNG variants of 3,000 Tiago. Thiago exhibition hall price $5.39 million ~ $7.81 million won

Car companies offer maximum discounts. $40,000 in the premium SUVs Harrier and Safari. It is the highest discount of all Tata models offered by the company. Discounts are offered to customers in the form of exchange bonuses. Both models offer the same offer. Harrier’s former showroom price is $14.69 million ~ $On the other hand, the price of the safari exhibition hall is 22.04 million won. $1534 million ~ $235,000 won

Tata Motors does not offer discounts on the compact SUV Punch. The company offered the biggest discount last month. $25,000 in Altrose

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