SUV segment: this car becomes the king after huge selling in August, left behind the Tata Nexon

These SUVs were the best selling in August

The SUVs segment has come to be called the backbone of the Indian auto market. The country’s leading company Tata Motors has been in the first place in the sales of this segment for a long time, but this time Maruti Suzuki has beaten everyone in this segment along with hatchbacks.

It is worth noting that in view of the tremendous demand for SUVs, every single company in the present Indian market is paying more attention to the expansion of this segment.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The credit for bringing Maruti Suzuki to this position goes to the company’s new facelift Brezza. This compact size SUV has defeated Tata Nexon, the best selling SUV of Tata Motors and the best selling SUV of the last several months.

A month after its launch, Maruti Brezza sold 15,193 units in August, up from 12,906 units in the same month last year.

Tata Nexon

Tata Motors’ Nexon was the best selling car in the SUV segment for a very long time. However, despite the increase in August sales, the car has finished second instead of first.

The compact size SUV sold 15,085 units last month, up from 10,006 units in August last year.

Tata Nexon has secured the fourth position in all passenger vehicle sales.

Hyundai Creta and Tata Punch

Hyundai Creta and Tata Punch have secured the third and fourth positions respectively in the list of best selling SUVs in August.

In August 2021, South Korean company Hyundai sold 12,587 units of its SUV Creta in India, which was a decline of 10 units in August this time to 12,577 units.

Tata Punch sold 12,006 units in August, up from 11,007 units in July 2022.

Hyundai Venue

Venue is the second car from Hyundai to make it to the list of best selling SUVs in August. It occupies the fifth position with sales of 11,240 units.

Outfable Bytes

There is a tremendous demand for SUVs in the current Indian market. For this reason, automakers are giving maximum emphasis towards this segment.

According to the SIAM report, the sales figures for July show that SUVs sold in the country accounted for about 47 percent of the market.

Considering this trend of the market, companies have launched many great SUVs so far this year and many are ready to be launched.

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