Stunt driver breaks world record by parking electric car in small space, watch video

In the British Motor Show, a stunt driver has shown such a feat that people are talking about. Actually, a record has been made in the case of parking an electric car in the past. This record has broken the Guinness World Record (GWR) which was already recorded.

According to the GWR report, stunt driver and precision driving expert Paul Swift was awarded for this. Its video surfaced in which it is seen that an electric car is being parked at a high speed. It is being told that the stunt driver has successfully made this record by parking his car in a small space.

what GWR said

GWR said in a press note that making the record was not that easy either. Two cars were already parked between which the stunt driver had to park his car. The biggest challenge in this was that there was a pre-determined mark inside which the car had to be parked. The stunt driver took such a tough challenge as a challenge and got success in it. GWR said Mr Swift had only three seconds to park. Two Mini Coopers were used to make the space. The car had to park parallel to the curb.

Mr. Swift breaks his own record

However, this was not the first time Mr Swift broke this record. On her first attempt on the first day of the show, Swift successfully did this feat with 13.8 inches remaining and set a record. He then went on to break his own record on the fourth day of the show by successfully parking the car with 11.8 inches remaining.

What did Swift say after achieving the record?

Swift said after achieving the record for the second time that I am trembling like a leaf. But it is not enough for an aspiring racer to achieve just one record. Mr. Swift also broke the record for most donuts (spins) around a motorcycle performing one wheel in a minute. That too twice.

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