Sports Car by Suzuki-Toyota to have impressive features! Know specifications and design

Sports Car by Suzuki-Toyota
Sports Car by Suzuki-Toyota

We bet there’s none who doesn’t adore a reasonably priced, two-seat convertible sports car? Regrettably, India lacks accessible two-seater sports cars. However, some options available but they are on worldwide level.

Another entry-level two-seater sports car is all set to dominate the automobile market and this is a result of the Toyota Suzuki partnership. This model will be like the Fiat 124, Toyota 86, and others.

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Toyota has the responsibility to create the suspension and other components, where as Suzuki will create the powertain. The design segment will be taken care by Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu. It may take few more years for it to be released in the market.

The upcoming Suzuki-Toyota Sports Vehicles

This mid-engine sports car will have a 1.0L turbocharged gasoline engine. It generates 200 Nm of torque and 120 horsepower of power. There is also a mild hybrid system available, which can give a little torque boost to fill in turbo lag.

From 0 to 100 km/h, acceleration takes less than 8 to 9 seconds. The dimensions are pretty interesting with it being 4200mm long, 1720mm wide, 1220mm high, and 2550mm wide at the wheelbase. The Fiat 124 is a little smaller than this.


Toyota debuted its Sports EV concept design back in the end of 2021. It was seen by many as the obvious and spiritual successor to the venerable Toyota MR2. According to reports, the next Suzuki-Toyota sports car will resemble an electric sports car in terms of design.

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