Samsung dominates 5G smartphone segment, Xiaomi tops overall

Smartphone Sales Report: Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi remains at the forefront of the Indian market despite a decline of 22 percent in sales. According to the report of Cyber ​​Media Research (CMR), Xiaomi is at the top position with 20 percent share in the domestic smartphone market during the first quarter of the current financial year. It is followed by Samsung with a share of 18 percent. However, Samsung dominates the 5G smartphone category and leads the way with 28 per cent share.

The report estimates that during the quarter April-June, 2022, sales of 5G smartphones have grown by seven per cent over the previous quarter and 163 per cent year-on-year. The report said that in the super premium category i.e. in the price segment of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh, Apple occupies the top position with a share of 78 percent.

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