Pilots who were flying plane at 37 thousand feet height fell asleep, didn’t know of landing, then this happened

Passenger planes have two pilots, which ensure the safe and smooth travel of people. But what if both of them fall asleep. The shocking incident has come to light from Ethiopian Airlines, where the pilots flying the plane fell asleep and the flight could not land on time. Two Ethiopian Airlines pilots fell asleep while flying from Khartoum in Sudan to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. As a result, the plane missed the landing.

According to the Aviation Herald, the incident happened on Monday. It is reported that the Air Traffic Control (ATC) issued an alert when flight number ET343 approached the airport but did not start landing. No one had any idea that the flight would not land and both the pilots would be asleep.

ATC tried several times to contact the pilots, but to no avail. When the plane went over the runway, the autopilot disconnected. The disconnection of the autopilot triggered the plane’s alarm, which woke the pilots from sleep. He then steered the plane to land on the runway. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident and the plane landed safely.

Data from the Aviation Surveillance System ADS-B confirmed the incident and indicated that the aircraft took off over the runway. Due to this air traffic control also got worried. He tried to contact the pilots several times, but to no avail. The surveillance system also posted an image of the plane’s flight path. Aviation analyst Alex Maceras also posted about the incident on Twitter. He has also blamed the pilot fatigue for this. Significantly, there are complaints of pilots flying the plane for several hours, due to which they are unable to get enough sleep.

A similar incident occurred in May, when two pilots fell asleep during a flight from New York to Rome and the plane went 38,000 feet above the ground. In this incident also the aircraft was flying 37,000 feet above the ground in autopilot mode.

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