Permission section missing from Google Play Store, know what will be its effect

Google recently added a new Data Safety section for app listings on the Play Store. With its help, users get information about how apps use their data. But with the addition of these new sections, some important sections have also started missing from the Google Play Store.

Recently, Google removed the ‘Updated on’ section from the app listing. With the help of this, users used to know when any app was last updated. Now the company has also removed the permissions list from the Google Play Store.

Permissions list missing from Google Play Store
There used to be a Permissions section on the Google Play Store’s app listing. Here all the permissions asked by the app were visible. With its help, users could know about the permissions they asked for without having to install the app. At times, this section also gave hints about an app being malware.

If a calculator app asks for camera or storage permissions from the user, it raises suspicions of it being malware. But now this information cannot be found without installing the app. To know the permissions, now users will have to install the app first.

Users can use Aurora Store to check app permissions without having to install the app. It is a FOSS Google Play client. Apart from this, users can also see this information by going to the manifest of the app.

Google has not yet given any information about why they have removed the permissions section from the app listing. The report of XDA Developer believes that the reason for this action of Google will be to simplify the app listing on the Play Store.

For the average user, this information in the app listing could be confusing, but there could be other ways to solve it. Google could only tell under the app permissions what the function of this section is.

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