Ola-Uber’s trouble will increase! Delhi Government will start an app based premium bus service

The roads of Delhi NCR are often full of cars and buses. This increasing traffic has also increased the air pollution. To deal with this situation, the Delhi Government is planning to start a new premium bus service.

This premium bus service will be app based. It is specially being made for those people who book cabs from platforms like Ola, Uber or drive their personal car.

Explaining this plan, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “We want to provide good quality premium bus service, so that people can use public transport instead of their personal cars. Feedback will be taken from the users regarding the app based bus aggregator scheme.

How will the new Bus Aggregator Service work?

The government will offer the service through a bus aggregator. For this, at least 50 buses will be involved. These buses will be provided with all the comfort and features which are often lacking in normal DTC buses. These are expected to be offered with a ‘seat-only’ option.

For this, just aggregators will have to register on the online browser app-based platform. On the app, users will be able to check the availability of the bus as well as pay for the ride through the app. Different paths will be highlighted inside the app. If the aggregator wants to add a new route, it will need permission from the transport department.

Considering that this will be a premium service, it is expected that a booking system will also be given in it. It aims to reduce the dependence of personal vehicles for daily transport. If it is worked out according to the scheme, then this can be a great option for passengers to travel within Delhi.

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