Now SBI users can also know their account balance on WhatsApp with these simple steps

SBI (State Bank of India) is one of the largest banks in this country and people have a lot of trust in it. Now these same people, check your SBI account balance on WhatsApp, that too very easily. Actually, SBI has now started its WhatsApp Banking service, with which you can now check account balance on WhatsApp and can also withdraw mini statement. Now you do not even need to download any bank app to know account balance. For this, first you have to register your SBI account number on WhatsApp.

So if your bank is SBI and you also want to know the account balance or mini statement, then first you have to register your bank account number on WhatsApp and then WhatsApp by typing Hi on the number given by SBI. To register an account and get this information on WhatsApp, you just repeat these steps below.

SBI User How to Check Your Account Balance on WhatsApp

  • First of all register your account for WhatsApp Banking service.
  • To register, SMS “WAREG space your account number” to 7208933148. For example – WAREG 12345678901
  • Now you will get a message as soon as the number is registered.
  • After this, save 9022690226 in the phone and now go to the WhatsApp app and send it by typing Hi on it.
  • After this, you will get a message in response which will be written – “Welcome to SBI WhatsApp Banking services. Please choose from any of the options below”.
  • These options will be 1. Account Balance, 2. Mini Statement and 3. De-register from WhatsApp Banking
  • After reading this message, press 1 for Account Balance, 2 for Mini Statement and 3 to Deactivate WhatsApp Banking service.
  • On entering the number, a separate message will come with your requested details. Check SBI account balance on WhatsApp by pressing 1, Mini statement by 2.

After this, if you do not type anything, this session will timeout and later whenever you need information, you can send it again by typing ‘Hi’.

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