Now group admin will be able to delete any message in WhatsApp, new features!

WhatsApp Many new features are coming in continuously. More facilities are expected to be available in future. As per the latest report, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that will allow group admins to make any message visible to everyone. However, this Admin Delete feature is not available to everyone yet. Come, read below to know in detail.

WhatsApp Admin Delete Feature

According to a recent report by WABetainfo, a website that tracks the upcoming feature of WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta, admins of groups can now delete any message for everyone in the group. However, this feature is currently only for some beta testers.

According to the report, WhatsApp Beta for Android is compatible with this update. Some users may still find this feature after installing the previous update. Keep in mind that this feature has been rolled out for only a few beta users. If you are not getting this feature even after the update, then wait for future updates. A screenshot has also been shared in the report, which explains how this feature will work.

Easily manage groups

With this feature of WhatsApp, group admins will be able to manage the group even better. It was spotted last year. However, now after a long wait, it has come for some users. If you want to check whether this feature is for your WhatsApp account or not, then you can know very easily.

Click on any message admin of the group and if you are getting the option of delete for everyone then this feature is available for you. After deleting the message, members of the group will be able to see that the admin has deleted the message. Your name will appear in the chat bubble. When this feature will be released to all WhatsApp users, it is not known at the moment. In the coming time, other users will also be able to use it.

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