New feature in Google Meet, now meetings will be live streamed on YouTube

Google’s two platforms, Google Meet And YouTube Doesn’t need any introduction. One makes the video conference easy and the other brings us videos on every topic. Many times users record interviews or conferences on Google Meet and post them like videos on YouTube.

google meet session on youtube live stream To do this, users had to make separate efforts till now, but Google is now solving this problem. The company has announced a new feature for Google Meet users, where you will be able to livestream your meeting or conference without interruption, directly on YouTube. Let us know about it in detail.

You will be able to make Google Meet sessions live on YouTube

Google said that from now on users will be able to livestream the meeting on Google Meet on admin YouTube. For this, you have to go to the Activities panel of the meeting and select “Live Streaming”. After this, you have to select the YouTube channel where you want to host the live stream of the meeting.

Giving information about this feature, Google said that this new feature will come in handy in the case where users want to present any information to a large audience outside their organization. With this help, viewers will be able to watch this presentation on pause, replay or any other time according to their convenience.

When will the new feature start

The YouTube live streaming feature of Google Meet will be rolled out in the stage. It was first made live for a select few users in the “rapid release” of the feature. The second stage will have a “schedule release” of the feature. It will start from today, that is, July 25. It may take 15 days for this feature to reach you.

To enable this feature, Google Meet users will first have to get approval for the live streaming process on their YouTube channel. Users will be able to use this new feature of Google Meet only after Google allows live streaming on the channel.

Google’s help page states that when the host management system of Google Meet is enabled, only the host or co-host can live stream the meeting. But if it is closed, then any member attending the meeting can live stream it on their channel.

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