Mercedes Benz EQB EV SUV spotted once again, range of up to 419km on a single charge

We reported in July that Mercedes-Benz will launch the EQB 7-seater EV SUV in the Indian market by the end of 2022. Now, spy photos of the electric SUV have surfaced, suggesting they’ll be arriving soon. The EQB is Mercedes-Benz’s third electric vehicle in India, following the EQC SUV and the recently launched EQS sedan. It is also India’s first seven-seater electric vehicle based on the ICE-powered GLB.

Mercedes-Benz EQB: exterior and interior

Being based on the GLB, the EQB retains the basic design of its ICE counterpart. However, there are a few elements that stand out. Along with other headlight designs, you get EV-specific details like a blank off-front grille. As with Mercedes’ other EQ models, the electric SUV features full-width LED light bars at the front and rear.

Inside too, the EQB’s interior looks identical to the GLB, with the exception of a splash of gold paint on the turbine-like vents, similar to the GLA currently sold here.

Mercedes Benz EQB: battery, powertrain and range

Globally, the EQB comes in two outputs: the EQB 300 making 228hp and the EQB 350 making a healthier 292hp. Both models use a 66.5 kWh battery that provides the same billing range of up to 419 km (WLTP). Mercedes-Benz has not yet revealed which of the two variants it will get in India. To keep costs down, Mercedes-Benz will likely opt for the low-power EQB 300.

We drove the EQB and you can check the review or watch the video here.

Mercedes Benz EQB: Estimated Release Dates, Pricing and Competitors

Mercedes-Benz India is preparing to launch the EQB by December 2022 and will likely be fully imported. With an estimated price tag of Rs 80 lakh, it is considerably cheaper than the EQC (Rs 99.5 lakh) but significantly more expensive than the Volvo XC40 Recharge (Rs 55.90 lakh).

The automaker will also bring the GLB to India in early December. The official import GLB will cost around Rs 65 lakh-70 lakh. See the report here for more details.

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