Maruti Suzuki jimny gets great response, 3,000 SUVs booked already

Within days of unveiling the Jimny at Auto Expo, 3,000 lifestyle sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were booked. Anticipating strong orders from Jimny in the future, a senior company official claimed that the waiting period for this model had already reached three months.

Shashank Srivastava, MSIL’s Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, told Moneycontrol, “Jimny is a global cult brand, so there were already some eager buyers waiting to buy it. By this morning (January 14th), we had 2,500 bookings, and we are confident that 3,000 bookings will be confirmed by the end of the day.”

Reservations for the five-door Jimny, which will be available with a 1.5-litre petrol option, began the day it was unveiled at the Expo.

Expected to launch in India for over three years, the Jimny is set to launch at MSIL’s Gurugram facility. It will take up the Mahindra Thar (price ranging from Rs 9.99 lakh – Rs 16.99 lakh, only available in older showroom and 3-door variants) and recently a 4X2 variant has also been added.

Maruti Suzuki has not shared the Jimny’s price range and monthly production plans, but has confirmed that it will initially be sold as a 4WD version and there will be no diesel option. Also, the 3-door models exported from India to many countries are not sold here.

There is speculation that the Maruti Jimny may be priced in the range of Rs 10-12.5 lakh which the company has not mentioned.

“Price and monthly production are currently very difficult to discern (numbers). The launch price will depend on several factors, including the price range of our competitor (Mahindra Thar) as well as input costs and total production costs over the period,” added Srivastava.

“The waitlist for this model has already gone up to two or three months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we booked 10,000 units in a month or so and our customers waited six months,” he said.

MSIL is currently grappling with 366,000 open orders, of which 91,000 are Ertiga (31 weeks waiting time), 71,000 Brezza (23-24 weeks waiting time), and 57,000 Grand Vitara (12 weeks waiting time). -16 weeks waiting time).

Meanwhile, MSIL has secured 750 units of the newly unveiled Prongs (a crossover version of the Baleno hatchback) by the morning of the 14th. Like the Jimny, the Fronx will be sold at 260 (counting) Nexa showrooms nationwide. With the launch of these two models, the Indian car market leader expects the share of SUV sales in its existing lineup to increase significantly by the end of the year, which currently stands at 13.9%.

Srivastava said, “Entrance SUVs, with 665,000 units sold last year, accounted for 21.7% of the passenger vehicle (PV) market and are the largest segment in the industry. Whenever an industry grows, we see a ‘sub-segment’ emerge, and we see two emerging sub-segments that the industry doesn’t serve. One is the young, urban, tech-savvy consumer looking for the Fronx, and the second category is the growing lifestyle SUV off-roader. With an introduction…

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