Mahindra thar 5 door to likely look like this, know features of the SUV

As we all know, Mahindra is working on a much more practical five-door version of their popular SUV Thar. Several test mules have been seen testing in different parts of the country. The SUV is likely to hit the market next year. Meanwhile, we have seen several render videos and images of the 5-door Thar on the internet. The recently spotted test mule is close to the production version and now we have a fair idea of ​​what the SUV looks like. Based on a recent spy video, here’s a digitally rendered image of what the upcoming Thar 5-door might look like.

The image was shared by bozzconcepts on their Instagram page. Based on the images, the Mahindra Thar 5-door looks very similar to the current 3-door version. The SUV’s front end features a vertical slat grille, round halogen headlamps and a two-tone bumper. Like the three-door version, the fog lights on this version are also integrated into the bumper. A metal skid plate to protect the underbody can also be seen in the rendering. The bonnet design and fenders are all the same design.

If you move to the side profile you will start to notice more of a change. The SUV is longer than the regular Thar, which is because it now has doors to access the second row of seats. The five-door Thar’s wheelbase will also be longer, which translates into more interior space. I think the 2nd row doors feel too small in this rendering and getting in and out through them can be difficult. On the test mule we saw on the road, the doors feel slightly larger than this. Likewise, the quarter panel feels a bit odd. This is just a rendering, your production version may differ from this.

The alloy wheel and roof design are all identical. Unlike the three-door version, Mahindra will most likely offer a five-door Thar with a hardtop roof only. It remains to be seen if Mahindra will offer a removable hardtop like the Jeep Wrangler. Moving to the rear, the design once again resembles the regular version. The tailgate is equipped with a square LED tail lamp and a spare wheel. Mahindra Thar’s test mule video looks good and we feel like the 3-door version and the upcoming 5-door version will be a hit as well. Everyone who didn’t buy the Thar because it wasn’t a utilitarian car will now be drawn to the SUV.

In terms of features, Mahindra will most likely offer the same feature set as the current one. You get a bigger touchscreen infotainment system, a better speaker system. The seats are likely to remain fabric, as they’re easier to clean and second-row passengers get dedicated AC vents and charging ports. As the SUV is longer, the trunk space is also more generous than the 3-door version. Engine-wise, the Mahindra will offer both petrol and diesel engine options, with manual and automatic transmission options available.

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