Mahindra officially lowers the price of few SUV’s including XUV700, know new prices

Mahindra upped the price of some variants of the XUV700 $6,000 The reason for this decline is not yet known. However, according to reports, this is because sequential turn signals on sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are not available.

On the gasoline version of the XUV700, the price discount applies to the AX5 5S MT, AX5 7S MT, AX7 MT and AX5 5S AT variants.

In the diesel version, price cuts were seen in variants such as AX5 5S MT, AX5 7S MT, AX7 7S MT, AX5 5S AT, AX5 7S AT, AX7 AT and AX7 AWD AT.

In July of this year, Mahindra revised the XUV700’s list of features.

According to Livemint’s report, the AX3 variant of the SUV model will no longer have rear wipers and defoggers. Selective unlocking for doors and trunk lids has also been removed by the automaker.

Two other variants, the XUV700-AX5 and AX7 variants, no longer come with LED sequence indicators. Mahindra also dropped the adaptive cruise control with stop and go function. mint report Added.

A few days ago, Mahindra unveiled its first all-electric SUV. XUV400. Manufactured in Korea, it will be equipped with various safety features such as six airbags, electronic stability software, and four disc brakes.

Mahindra is in the process of sorting out new vehicles in the electric vehicle (EV) segment and expects about 20-30% of SUVs to be electric.

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