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What is the price of gold today across the country – Today’s Gold Rate in India

gold price Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai
22 carat 47,950 47,927 48,050 47,900 47,900
24 carat 52,310 52,285 52,400 52,250 52,250
  • 24 Carat Gold Rate (24 Carat Gold Rate) (10 grams) – ₹ 52,030
  • 22 Karat Gold Price (22 Karat Gold Rate) (10 grams) – ₹ 47,660

Whether to invest in gold, or to buy gold on the occasion of any festival or wedding, there is a lot of sale of gold jewelery in our country. If you are also considering buying gold jewelry, then we have collected all the information related to it in great detail here for you, such as what is the gold rate in India today? Which gold is good? What is the difference between 24 karat and 22 karat gold? And so on. You will easily find answers to all these questions here.

What is the price of 24 karat gold today?

Gram 24K Gold Price
1 gram ₹ 5,203
8 grams ₹ 41,624
10 grams ₹ 52,030
100 grams ₹ 5,20,300

What is the price of 22 carat gold today?

Gram 22K Gold Price
1 gram ₹ 4,766
8 grams ₹ 38,128
10 grams ₹ 47,660
100 grams ₹ 4,76,600

Gold Rate (Gold Price) in big cities of India –

city 24 karat Gold Rate
(10 grams)
22 karat Gold Rate
(10 grams)
Ahmedabad ₹ 52,310 ₹ 47,950
Amritsar ₹ 52,200 ₹ 47,850
Bangalore ₹ 52,310 ₹ 47,950
Bhopal ₹ 52,200 ₹ 47,850
Bhubaneswar ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900
Chandigarh ₹ 52,400 ₹ 48,050
Chennai ₹ 52,285 ₹ 47,927
coimbatore ₹ 52,770 ₹ 48,380
Delhi ₹ 52,400 ₹ 48,050
Faridabad ₹ 52,150 ₹ 47,804
Gurgaon ₹ 52,100 ₹ 47,758
Hyderabad ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900
Jaipur ₹ 52,400 ₹ 48,050
Kanpur ₹ 52,290 ₹ 47,932
Kerala ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900
Kochi ₹ 52,290 ₹ 47,932
Kolkata ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900
Lucknow ₹ 52,400 ₹ 48,050
madurai ₹ 52,770 ₹ 48,380
Mangalore ₹ 52,310 ₹ 47,950
Meerut ₹ 52,275 ₹ 47,918
Mumbai ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900
Mysore ₹ 52,310 ₹ 47,950
Nagpur ₹ 52,280 ₹ 47,930
Nashik ₹ 52,280 ₹ 47,930
Patna ₹ 52,280 ₹ 47,930
Pune ₹ 52,280 ₹ 47,930
face ₹ 52,310 ₹ 47,950
Vadodara ₹ 52,280 ₹ 47,930
Vijayawada ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900
Visakhapatnam ₹ 52,250 ₹ 47,900

Note – These are the gold prices of different cities. But these do not include GST or tax. Also, you have to pay the making charge separately. By adding all these, you will get information only at your nearest goldsmith or jewelery shop for the price you will have to pay for buying gold jewellery.

Difference between 24 karat and 22 karat gold

24 Karat Gold

24 karat gold is considered the purest. Pure gold or 24 carat gold is 99.9 percent pure. That is, there is no other metal or metal mixed in it except gold. Often 24 karat gold is used to make gold coins and rough bars (small brick-like appearance). 24 karat gold is not made of jewellery.

Why not make 24 carat gold jewelery?

Gold of 24 karat gold is soft and flexible. Since there is a need to hold the jewels or diamonds in them tightly while making jewellery, 24 carat gold cannot be used due to its flexibility. Due to its flexibility, it can be easily twisted and lost its grip in the jewellery. Its flexibility also makes designing difficult with it. That is why 22 karat and 18 karat gold are used for jewelery or jewellery.

22 Karat Gold (22 Carat Gold)

22 karat gold is also considered pure. This is the purest form of gold for making jewellery. It uses 92% gold and 8% silver, nickel or any other metal. These metals are added so that it has a strong grip with other things in the jewellery.

Let us know what is the difference between 24 karat gold and 22 karat gold –

24 Karat Gold 22 Karat Gold (24 Carat Gold)
It is 99.9% gold and also the purest and most precious variety of gold. It contains about 92% pure gold. In fact, 8 percent silver, copper or other metals are mixed.
24 karat gold is very delicate and easy to bend. The addition of other metals in 22 karat makes it slightly stronger and does not bend or mold easily.
Apart from making gold coins, bars, 24 carat gold is also used in electronic items, such as computers, phones, etc. 22 karat gold is cheaper than 24 karat, and is mainly used for making jewelry or jewellery, gold coins.
This gold is bright yellow in color due to its purity. The addition of some other metal in 22 carat gold reduces its yellow color slightly.

What are the reasons for the different gold prices in different cities?

Gold or gold is also used a lot for investing, because its price keeps on increasing over time and you can invest little by little in it as compared to other things like investing in property, so investing in it is easy. it happens. Like any other asset, the price of gold also fluctuates on a daily basis. Gold prices keep changing in all cities also due to its demand, state taxes, bullion association, making charges, etc. Let us know in detail, the reasons due to which the prices of gold change.

1. Demand

Like any other commodity, its demand and supply have a great impact on gold prices. When demand is high and supply is low, usually the prices tend to rise. Similarly, if there is stagnant or low demand and there is high or no supply, prices may fall. Gold prices are often expected to rise in India just before Diwali, as the festive and wedding season begins from this time.

2. Rising inflation

With the rise in inflation, the price of most of the assets starts falling, but the price of gold rises. That’s why people use it to balance their investments in any calamity.

3. Interest Rate

There is an inverse relationship between gold and interest rates, which people often take advantage of. As interest rates rise, people sell it to get more interest. On the other hand, people buy more gold at a lower price as soon as the interest rate decreases, so that later they can earn profit by selling it when the interest rate increases. So as the interest rate decreases, the demand for gold increases.

4. Government Treasury

Many governments in the world maintain their financial reserves, which mainly consist of gold. It is the same in India. The government keeps this gold under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India. It is the heritage of the country, but when this gold in reserves exceeds the gold sold by the government, there is a shortfall in supply and then the price of gold rises.

5. Changes in Currency Prices

Gold is traded in US Dollars in the international market and the prices change daily when the dollar is converted into Indian Rupee at the time of import. In such a situation, importing gold becomes expensive due to the fall in the value of the Indian currency.

6. Political tension between the two countries

Political tensions such as war also increase the demand for gold, as it is a safe asset that can be useful to people in times of trouble. Where things like war have a bad effect on most assets like property, gold prices go up.

7. Octroi and Entry Tax

Octroi and entry tax are levied by the state government or government departments of the cities. If you are carrying any goods inside a city, you will have to pay octroi. On the other hand, entry tax has to be paid on bringing goods in large quantities within the state border. For example, if you are carrying gold worth more than 30 lakhs, then you will have to pay entry tax to enter any state. Since the tax also varies, it also affects the prices of different states.

8. Making Charge

While buying jewellery, you have to pay making charges along with the price of gold. This making charge varies from design to design and different jewelery shops also charge different making charges, thereby changing the price of gold for the customers.

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