IPhone users update their device immediately, otherwise you may face big problem

IPhone On Friday, August 19, Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajiv Chandrasekhar has asked users to update their iPhones to be safe. The minister made this request to the public after Apple released operating system (OS) updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac this week. Two major problems can be fixed with the update, which can give hackers complete control of a user’s iPhone. Apple on Wednesday released two security reports revealing major issues for the iPhone, iPad and Mac models. Read below for details.

Apple users update their devices instantly

Chandrashekhar tweeted from his official Twitter account asking people to update their iPhones. He said in the tweet that to avoid the zero-day exploit, update your iPhones with 15.6. Apple has released iOS, iPadOS and macOS security fixes for Zero-Day Under Active Attack.

Update ur iphones wth 15.6.1 to avoid zero-day exploit vulnerabilitiea

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Apple releases iOS, iPadOS and macOS security fixes for two zero-days under active attack

— Rajeev Chandrasekhar (@Rajeev_GoI) August 19, 2022

These models will have to be updated

Apple has said that all iPhone models with the iPhone 6S onwards, all iPad Pro models, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and above, iPad mini 4 and above, and iPod touch (7th generation) are affected. Coming to computing devices, Apple’s Safari internet browser, available for Macs running macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur, also needs an immediate update.

Apple has asked these devices to be updated to the latest software and OS versions immediately. Apple did not specify in the first or second reports how, where, or by whom these problems were discovered. All the reports have been released citing a researcher.

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