Instagram won’t have a dedicated app for it’s ipad users

According to Adam Mosseri due to many reasons Instagram won't ever have a dedicated app for ipad.

Instagram does not seem too keen to introduce a dedicated app for the iPad. The news will go down well with iPad users as a separate app for iPad apps has always been in demand. In a Twitter post, Adam Mosseri listed out the reasons why Instagram may never get an app made especially for the iPad OS. Interestingly, WhatsApp, which is also owned by Meta, was spotted working on a dedicated app for iPad OS but the messaging app too seemed to have scrapped the idea.

“It’s still just not a big enough group of people to be a priority,” Mosseri said on Twitter in reference to the possibility of an iPad app for Instagram. “Hoping to get to it at some point, but right now we’re very heads down on other things.”

In 2021, Apple reported that of 1.6 billion active devices, more than 1 billion of them were iPhones. With sales that continue to outpace the rest of Apple’s hardware lineup and other smartphones, Mosseri apparently has enough reason to discount platforms with install bases measured by mere tens or hundreds of millions and ignore anyone who just wants to flip through photos on their tablet. Mosseri only proves that point further in another tweet, where he mentions Android — which currently has over 3 billion active devices — as the largest platform Instagram serves. If that’s the case, Instagram has no problem skipping over anyone on iPad.

“As part of our efforts to make a video as simple as possible to discover and create, we will no longer be supporting our standalone app for IGTV. Instead, we will focus on having all videos on the main Instagram app. We believe that this makes it easier for people to have all of these features and abilities in the main app, and are excited to continue to simplify and improve video in the main Instagram app over the coming months,” the company wrote.

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