India is at number 5 in terms of cheap mobile data in the world, know in which country is the data cheaper than India

Mobile prepaid recharge prices have increased in the last few years, yet mobile data is very cheap to use in the country. India has been placed at the fifth position in the list of Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022. This report measures the cost of 1GB of mobile data in 233 countries. According to the list, mobile data prices in Israel are the lowest. There one GB data costs $ 0.04 (about Rs 3 per GB). On the other hand, the cost of mobile data is highest in Saint Helena, the British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. There the cost of 1 GB data is $ 41.06 (about Rs 3,500). Whereas in North America, the cost of 1 GB mobile data is $ 4.98 (about Rs 400).

The Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022 list has been compiled by This is a price comparison site. The website claims that Israel, Italy, San Marino, Fiji and India are the top 5 cheapest countries to pay for mobile data. According to the list, India ranks fifth with a cost of $0.17 (approximately Rs.14 per GB).

The report suggests that India’s population heavily depends on mobile data. This has boosted demand, forcing service providers to cut prices to stay in competition. At the same time, Israel is considered a global leader in 5G technology and has also maintained itself at the top in pricing.

According to the list, Saint Helena, Falkland Islands, Sao Tomé and Principe, Tokelau and Yemen are the five most expensive countries in terms of mobile data. Of these, four are island countries and two are located in the Sub-Saharan African region. Among the 13 global regions of the world, Sub-Saharan Africa is the second most expensive country with mobile data, with an average cost of $4.47 (approximately Rs 400). North America is the most expensive and North Africa is the cheapest with an average of $1.05 (about Rs 80). The researchers attributed the difference in data costs to four factors. These include excellent infrastructure, high dependency, low consumption and a prosperous economy.

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