If you search these on Google, you may have to go to jail!

Do not search these things by mistake

If you are used to searching on Google, then be careful. If you do not search for such things by mistake in the absence of information, then there is a danger in terms of security. Your search is closely monitored by security agencies. Like never accidentally search on Google how to make a bomb. By searching such terms on Google, you can come under the purview of legal action. Legal action can be taken against you.

Wrong to search for crime category items

Even if you search child pornography on Google, your trouble may increase. Actually there is a strict law against it. In such a situation, by searching it on the Internet, you can get into trouble. Legal action can be taken against you.

  This mistake can be heavy on you

This mistake can be heavy on you

If you search your bank’s customer care number on Google instead of the bank’s official website, then this mistake can cost you heavily. You can put you in danger by searching for customer service information of the bank on Google. Your bank account may be empty. In fact, fraudsters upload fake numbers on Google with similar information from their bank customer care. If you call on these numbers, then they can break into your bank account by taking account and your personal information from you.

Don’t do this work even by mistake

Many people search on Google instead of Google Play Store to download apps. This mistake can cost you dearly. Searching for apps and software on Google and downloading it is not free from danger. You can be a victim of fraud if you search on Google. Fake apps can cheat you by hacking your personal details and banking details from your phone.

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