Hyundai is all set to bring a budget electric car, will replace the i10 hatchback

The demand for electric vehicles has increased rapidly in the auto sector. In view of this, many car makers are launching new electric vehicles. In this episode, Hyundai is developing a budget electric car.

According to a report, Andreas-Christophe Hoffmann, Marketing Director of Hyundai Motor Europe has confirmed this. It is believed that this upcoming Hyundai EV It can be a replacement for the i10 hatchback. Also last year, Hyundai also said that it is working on a mini and affordable electric car for India.

New Hyundai Electric Car Launch and Price

The upcoming Hyundai Electric Vehicle will be first introduced for the European market. At present, there is no information about its launch in the Indian market.

According to reports, this upcoming EV can be launched with a starting price of around 20,000 Euro (about Rs 16.26 lakh). The car is expected to compete with Volkswagen’s mini cars like the Cupra and Skoda, a replacement for the i10.

Hyundai has made a strong plan for electric vehicles

At present, Hyundai has long plans for electric vehicles. For this the company has an investment of 19.4 trillion won. The company had introduced the Ioniq 6 electric car some time back. Apart from this, Hyundai will launch 6 new electric cars in India by 2028. Along with this, the company has also announced that it will start the sale of Ioniq 5 in India next year.

Hyundai will bring Ioniq 7 electric car

According to reports, Hyundai is also developing the Ioniq 7. It can be launched in 2024. Although its dimension details have not been revealed yet, but it will be a 7-seater car, which can be given a bigger battery pack. After launch, it will compete with Tesla Model X and Mercedes-Benz EQB. According to reports, it will support 350kW rapid-charging. At the same time, this electric car will get a range of up to 100 kilometers on charging just 5 minutes. Apart from this, it can also come with wireless charging support.

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