Huawei S86 Pro Smart TV launched with 86-inch display, 120Hz refresh rate and…

This week Huawei has released a series of products with many latest features. The Chinese tech powerhouse has added to its lineup of releases with the Huawei S86 Pro Smart Screen. Huawei S86 Pro will work on Huawei’s HarmonyOS 3.0. Let us know in detail about its features and specifications etc.

Huawei S86 Pro price and availability

Talking about the price, the Huawei S86 Pro 86-inch Anti-Glare Smart Screen is priced at 13,999 Yuan i.e. around Rs 1,64,929 in Indian currency. In terms of availability, the Huawei S86 Pro is already available for pre-order. Although its actual release date is 3 August.

In terms of features and specifications, the Huawei S86 Pro packs a massive 86-inch anti-glare smart screen. It has been provided with Honghu Image Quality Engine, Swift Clear and Smooth Technology etc. to provide an immersive viewing and listening experience. Two tweeters and four 10W units along with the patented speaker provide a powerful audio output for the smart screen.

The brilliant display technology in the Huawei S86 Pro optimizes the DCI-P3 color gamut to improve the quality of color performance. This includes 120Hz display refresh rate, HDR vivid, clear image processing and dynamic contrast enhancement. Huawei S86 Pro has a 1.6L sound cavity and 75Hz low-frequency driver. The audio output can be increased with wirelessly connected external 4 SoundX speakers.

The Huawei S86 Pro is capable of delivering an immersive 5.1 distributed home theater experience. You can use your smartphone or its touch remote to operate Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro. Smart Screen is a multiple gadget and optimizes for dual usage. You can also use Super Desktop to open content on the Smart Screen while browsing.

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