How to know PF balance without internet in just 2 minutes

Almost every employee working in most private offices has a PF account. Earlier we told you how you can withdraw money online from PF fund. Today we are going to tell you how you can know the balance of PF account without internet. EPFO That is, you can get this information on the official or government website of Employees Provident Fund Organization as well. But even if there is no internet service at home, you can still check the PF account balance. How can you know PF balance without internet, let’s know –

If someone has a PF account and is not using internet service or is not able to access internet for any other reason, you can still check your PF balance with the help of a missed call and message.

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How to Check PF Balance by Message – How to Check PF Balance With SMS

For this, first of all you should know your UAN number.

What is UAN Number?

  • UAN (Universal Account Number) is a 12-digit number, which is given to both your company or owner and you by the Government of India, Ministry of Labor and Employment. And it is generated by the Employees Provident Fund Organization. With the help of this, you and your company put money in your PF account. You will also have to activate it by visiting the EPFO ​​website. Your registered mobile number should also be on.
  • Apart from this, UAN number should be linked with Aadhar and PAN card.

After knowing the UAN number, repeat the steps given below ,

  • First of all your mobile number should be linked with your PF account.
  • Now send a message from your mobile number to ‘7738299899’ with ‘EPFO UAN and first three letters’. For example, if you want to talk in Hindi, then write = EPFO ​​UAN HIN, and send the message.
  • After this you will get a message with your PF balance.

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How to Check PF Balance by Missed Call – How to Check PF Balance With Miss Call

  • Give a missed call to the number 01122901406 from your number which is linked or registered with PF balance.
  • As soon as this call is disconnected, you will get the PF balance information.

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