Honda Cars India has announced a discount of up to ₹72,340 on select models

Honda Cars India has announced discounts of up to ₹72,340 on select models. Discounts are in the form of cash bonuses/free accessories, auto swap discounts and bonuses, loyalty bonuses and corporate discounts.

Here are the details.

WR-V ($72,340 off): Prices start at £8.66 lakh and go up to £12.21 lakh. Here, customers can save £30,000 in cash discounts or receive £35,340 worth of accessories for free. They also receive 20,000 rupees in exchange bonus, 20,000 rupees in car exchange discount, 7,000 rupees in exchange bonus, and 5,000 rupees each in loyalty bonus and corporate discount.

City (Gen 5, ₹72,145 off): The starting price of the car is ₹11.57 lakh. On the petrol model, customers receive a 30,000 rupees discount in cash or a free accessory worth 32,145 rupees, a 20,000 rupee exchange discount, 8,000 rupees corporate discount, 7,000 rupees in exchange bonus and 5,000 rupees as a loyalty bonus.

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Amaze ($43,144 off): 20,000 rupees off when redeemed, 12,144 rupees worth of free accessories or 10,000 rupees cash discount, 6,000 rupees corporate discount, 5,000 rupees as a loyalty bonus when priced between 6,320,000 rupees and 11,150,000 rupees. there is.

Jazz (discounted at ₹37,047): Starts at ₹7.48 lakh and goes up to ₹10.17 lakh. Save Rs 10,000 in cash or get accessories worth Rs 12,047 for free. In addition to this there is £10,000 on exchange, £7,000 on exchange bonus, £5,000 on loyalty bonus and £3,000 on corporate discount.

City (Gen 4, ₹5,000 discount): This car only comes with a loyalty bonus of ₹5,000 and is priced between ₹9.3 lakh and ₹10 lakh.

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