Hearing on petitions challenging WhatsApp’s new privacy policy adjourned till September

WhatsApp News UpdateDelhi High Court has deferred hearing till September on several petitions challenging WhatsApp’s 2021 privacy policy. Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramaniam Prasad were informed by the parties that similar issues are pending before the Supreme Court.

hearing adjourned till september

The High Court has deferred till September the hearing of petitions challenging the new information technology rules for social media intermediaries of Facebook and WhatsApp on the same ground. Under these rules, the messaging app shall be required to trace the chat and shall make provisions to identify from whom the relevant information is being sent first.

Users either accept or leave the app

Chaitanya Rohilla, who was the first to challenge the privacy policy of WhatsApp, told the High Court that the updated privacy policy violates the users’ right to privacy under the Constitution. His argument was that he would either have to accept this policy or withdraw from the app. They can’t prevent their data from being shared by Facebook-owned or third-party apps. The petition has claimed that under the new privacy policy, WhatsApp will have full access to the online activities of the users and there will be no monitoring by the government. (input language)

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