GT Soul and GT One electric scooter with range up to 65 km launched in India, price 50 thousand …

Electric vehicle start-up GT Force has launched two of its electric scooters GT Soul and GT One in India. The single charge range of GT Soul and GT One is said to be up to 65 km. The company has introduced Soul and One electric scooters in two battery options. The starting ex-showroom price of these electric scooters is Rs 49,996.

The GT Soul is priced at Rs 49,996 (ex-showroom, pan-India) in India, while the GT One electric scooter has been launched in India at Rs 59,800 (ex-showroom, pan-India). The GT Soul e-scooter is offered in four color options – Red, Black, White and Silver. At the same time, GT One has been introduced in Matt Red, Black, Silver and White color options.

The GT Soul e-scooter is offered in two variants, first lead 68V 28 Ah battery and second Lithium 48V 24Ah battery pack variant. GT Force claims that the former variant will have a single charge range of 50-60 km, while the latter variant will offer a range of 60-65 km on a single charge. The scooter has been launched in the slow-speed category, so the top speed of this e-scooter is 25 kmph. The company claims that the GT Soul is available with 18-month motor warranty, 1-year lead battery warranty as well as 3-year lithium-ion battery warranty.

This electric scooter comes with BLDC motor and tubular frame. The curb weight of GT Soul Electric Scooter is 95 kg and loading capacity is 130 kg. Its seat height is 760 mm and ground clearance is 185 mm.

At the same time, GT Force has made the GT One e-scooter available in Co Lead 48V 24Ah and Lithium 48V 28Ah batteries, which give a range of 50-60 km per charge and 60-65 km, respectively, on a single charge. The brand claims that its top speed is 25 kmph. For rider comfort, the e-scooter comes with tubular frame and dual-tube technology and gets hydraulic front and telescopic rear double shockers.

The GT One has a seat height of 725 mm, ground clearance of 155 mm and a loading capacity of 140 kg. This includes parking mode, an anti-theft alarm, mobile charging, cruise control and reverse mode. Like the GT Soul, the GT One e-scooter is available with 18 months motor warranty, 1 year lead battery warranty and 3 years lithium battery warranty.

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