Government schools in Kerala will get 100Mbps speed to broadband internet…

When it comes to government schools, bad buildings start roaming in the mind. However, there are exceptions in some states, especially the schools in Delhi. The Government of Kerala is also engaged in strengthening the infrastructure in its government schools. In this sequence, children in government schools will soon get high speed internet connectivity. Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) and BSNL have joined hands to provide 100Mbps broadband internet connectivity to high schools, higher secondary schools and vocational higher secondary schools in the state.

Currently, these schools have 8 Mbps FTTH (Fiber to the Home) connection, which will be upgraded to 100 Mbps, which is about 12.5 times faster than before. The MoU was signed by KITE CEO Anwar Sadath and BSNL Kerala circle CGMC V Vinod in the presence of State Education Minister V Shivankutty and Principal Secretary APM Mohd Hanish on Wednesday.

100 Mbps internet connectivity will benefit 45,000 classrooms in 4,685 schools included in the Hi-Tech School Project. Earlier in the year 2018, under the Hi-Tech School Project, KITE provided laptops, projectors, USB speakers and networking facilities in these classrooms. Was. All digital/online systems can be used more effectively with the availability of internet connection with 100 Mbps speed in the classrooms. Availability of KITE VICTERS educational channel will also be ensured in these clearrooms.

Under the MoU, BSNL will upgrade the broadband connection in schools to 100 Mbps at no extra cost. Its rate will also be Rs 10,000 (inclusive of GST), which is the same as before. Under this scheme, now every school can use up to 3,300 GB of data in a month. Education Minister Shivankutty said that this step of the government is the first such effort in the country.

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